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Anyone interested in training for the Rock 'n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon?

leave a note if you want to join a training team for this event.

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Yes, I'll be doing the half. I think it's in June. Anyone know what the course will be?
Awesome, Tim! It looks like the course is still being finalized -- you can check it out here:

I'm stoked you want to do this! We should come up with a training plan ...
Also there's now a page on Facebook for this event:

I would like to run it but am hesitant because the baby is due end of April... which isn't a lot of time to recover and train.
I'm definitely in on the training - though I'll have to see if I can fit the event into my schedule.

I'm also looking at the Super Jock 'n Jill Labor Day (Sept 7th) half marathon - a more low-key local event.
Just sent you a note about wanting to join up and train, Heather. But I am a little slow ... are there slower runners in the group? Would really help keep me motivated ...



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