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Tues Night Workouts (Lower Loop / Ampitheater)

For our Tuesday Night runs we combine a run with various strength training exercises. The following is the 'workout routine' we did one night. If it's your turn to host the Tues night run, feel free to use the whole routine or parts of it to get ideas for what you want to do.

Meet in by Pottery Studio


Jog to north beach

Dead bug exercise (to view this exercise, look at (

Indian Run to lunge Hill (to view this exercise, look at (

Squat Jumps (x2)

Jog to area by Shelter 5

10 Down (Do 10 pushups, then 10 crunches. Then 9 pushups, 9 crunches. Continue to count down to 1 and 1. NO REST in between sets.)

Jog to Ampitheater (up hill)

Grab Bag Relay (Note: this requires prep before hand)
a. Write the following exercises on small pieces of paper (one word per paper), put in a bag
- jumping jacks, squats, crunches, push ups, burpees, mountain climbers, 'reach for the stars'
b. Place bag at one end of ampitheater stage and have group stand at the other end
c. One person (the "Runner") runs down, grabs a piece of paper out of the bag, reads outloud, and the entire group does that exercise (until a new exercise is called out.)
d. The Runner then sprints two 'lengths' of the stage (from the bag...back to the group...back to the bag...back to the group) and then rejoins the group.
e. Another person becomes the Runner, and repeats steps c-d.

Jog back to parking lot

Stretch / Warm Down

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