the c-city runners

an uber groovy running club for columbia city residents and their friends

For our Tuesday Night runs we combine a run with various strength training exercises. The following is the 'workout routine' we did one night. If it's your turn to host the Tues night run, feel free to use the whole routine or parts of it to get ideas for what you want to do.

Meet near Pottery Shop


Run to North end Beach

Plank (1 min) / Squats (30) / Tree Sits (60 sec)
(Do this series 2x)

Run to big hill

Lunges up hill / 3 gears run up hill (start 50% speed; third of the way up the hill speed up to 75% speed; last third of hill, 100% full out sprint)
(Do this series 2x)

Run to picnic tables

Push ups (20) / Step Ups (15 per leg)
(Do this series 2x)

Run back to lot

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