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i really would love to join you folks, but i just cant get going at 8:30 on a saturday. are you still doing an evening run on tuesdays? or any other evening?

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Rachel - Sorry Saturday is too early for you. There's not a Tuesday evening run right now, but spring is coming so maybe one will start up. I'll send a message out later this week and see if there's any interest.

thanks tim-
i appreciate your response. i am a morning person, but on saturdays i like to get going around 10ish at the earliest. i look forward to later runs in the spring time.

hey paula!
that is awesome. thanks so much for responding! maybe we can get a nice group going. im assuming youre in columbia city? i live in beacon hill. maybe we could meet at seward park and go about 4 miles or so? let me know.

hey paula-
i hope you get this. i cant run tonight. would you be up for tomorrow (wednesday)?

btw, im at

Anyone up for a run this Tues? Yes, it's st. patty's day, but that's more of a reason to get a good run in! How about meeting at Seward Park at...5:30 PM...?
hey mark-
paula and i are meeting at seward park (at the bathrooms near the parking lot) tomorrow--tuesday at 6:15. hope to see you there!

Perfect! See you then!

- Mark



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